Beard Oil Isn't Just For Beards

Beard Oil

Most of us are familiar with the benefits of using beard oil on our face trophies. Moisturizing, hydrating, and softening are reason enough to have a daily beard oil regimen but did you know that beard oil can have lots of other health uses? Let’s take a look at the other ways you can use our all-natural beard oil in your everyday life, mainly on your skin. It’s the largest organ you’ve got, so you should probably take care of it.

Pre-Shave Oil

Ever had a really great shave from a professional barber? It leaves your skin silky smooth without any bumps or irritation. Why? Because the barber usually preps the skin before the shave with a hot towel and an oil to soften the skin and whiskers. Even though I have a beard, I still shave a bit above and below my beard and always put on beard oil and let it soak before I get to work.

Post-Shave Oil

Yep, you guessed it. The same oil that I put on to soften my skin for a shave I will put on after to restore the skin. Sweet almond oil helps razor burn and irritation, especially on that sensitive neck area. Combat those unsightly razor bumps with a few drops of our oil. The vitamin E will hydrate and crate a lasting moisturizer leaving your skin soft and smooth.

Dry Skin

With fall’s cooler and dryer air comes dry and brittle skin. We all know that beard oil will help with beard itch and beard dandruff, but the jojoba oil in it will soften and condition skin as well as strengthen it. Sweet almond oil moisturizes while Vitamin E acts as an antioxidant that helps build skin tissue. A perfect natural alternative to all the surprising harsh chemicals in lotions. Beard oil is great on hands and elbows alike and will keep them soft and supple all day long.

Try some on cuticles and nails and you’ll see real change in the way they look and feel in no time at all. Besides beard hair, try some in the hair on your head as well. The oil will lock in moisture better than any conditioner can.

Healing Properties

In addition to the antioxidant and restorative features of Vitamin E, Tea Tree oil is an all-natural antiseptic, anti-bacterial, and anti-inflammatory agent. Jojoba oil also has anti-fungal properties as well. Have a scrape or cut? A few drops of beard oil will do wonders for healing your skin.

Eye Wrinkles

Seeing come crows feet or wrinkles around your eyes there fella? Not sure about you, but I’m not real comfortable using eye cream or much else in the form of beauty products. I am, however okay with putting a drop or two of beard oil under my eyes before bed. Here I go about the Vitamin E again, but the antioxidant and restorative nature will soften up those wrinkles and hydrate them leaving you looking less ugly.

Household Lubricant

Have a squeaky door hinge? How about a drawer that doesn’t slide well. You might think I’m kidding but a drop of beard oil will cure just about any squeaky wheel. But don’t go using it all around the house, you’ll need to save some for that manly beard of yours.

Have you found another way to use beard oil that we didn’t include? Feel free to let us know what it is!