Reasons to Steal your Man's Utility Wash Brick

Working around Cliff Original products, I often pick up a beard oil or beard balm that smells amazing, but I would put it back down thinking there was no way for me to use it. How wrong I was. Initially I wrote about using your man’s beard oil, but then I became curious about the utility wash brick when I picked up a mint scented one. Don’t get me wrong, they all smell really freaking good, but mint is a scent I wouldn’t mind rocking on a regular basis. So I grabbed one of the bricks to test for myself and I have to say I wasn’t disappointed. Does your man have a Cliff face wash brick? Grab it and head to the bathroom!


Initially I just thought it was a normal bar of soap that smelled pretty fantastic, then I started using it and the smooth exterior dissolved into a perfect exfoliation bar. I don’t know about you, but I spend a ridiculous amount of time exfoliating trying to achieve a Beyonce-like glow. When using it in the shower it actually felt more effective than a lufa because it’s smaller and more condensed.

Bath Bomb

This bar of soap has organic goat milk, coconut oil, palm oil, pure olive oil, bentonite clay, oatmeal, essential oils & vitamin E – it’s like the Pinterest DIY gods came together and gave you everything that’s right in life. So when I turned on the faucet, I just plopped the bar of soap in with the running water like I would with a bath bomb or bath salt. The bath was silky smooth without leaving that nasty grease oil residue behind like baby oil or other bath oils.

Face Wash

Some parts of my face are sensitive to harsh chemicals so I’m rather hesitant to use new things as face wash, but I gave it a go since it only contains all-natural ingredients. I was super happy with the results. Typically just using soap will leave my face feeling tight and dehydrated but that wasn’t the case with this soap. The oils and vitamin E actually hydrated my skin and I didn’t feel the need to use my moisturizing cream after use. The mint was actually kind of perfect to use in the morning because it woke me up, and the exfoliation made my skin more smooth and soft.

Shaving Cream

All these reasons combined is why it’s pretty dang perfect for a shaving cream too. The bar exfoliates the skin pre-shave and leaves it hydrated and silky smooth post-shave. It’s also great to use before you go get a spray tan too. The rules are to exfoliate, not moisturize, but then you feel dry and itchy for 4-6 hours after the spray tan. This helps keep you moisturized without actually putting lotion on.

Overall this utility wash brick is a 10/10 in my book, plus I smell minty fresh!