6 Fall Time Favorite Beers

Seems like I was just writing about beers to enjoy during the summer months, but here we again which can only mean one thing, we’re talking about fall. The leaves are changing, college football is in full swing (Go Bucks!), and the temperature is starting to drop. Hate it or love it, autumn has arrived. Luckily, fall is a great time of the year for beer. So, let’s get down to business with our 6 fall time favorite beers.

From Around

Southern Tier

I myself am not a huge fan of pumpkin beer, but as far as they go this one reigns king. At 8.6% ABV it’s nothing to scoff at, and it tastes as close to pumpkin pie as you can get. From the pumpkin flavor, to the cinnamon and spices and malty “crust” tones, they’ve carved out a great beer that’s both seasonal and enjoyable.

Southern Tier Pumking - best beers of all time



You can’t talk about fall beers without talking about a Märzen / Oktoberfest brew or two. Tis the season! Luckily the gang over at Victory made sure to have you covered, and their Festbier does not disappoint. A different take on the traditional Märzen, but definitely worth trying, and retrying. Repeat.

Victory Festbier - best beers of all time

Breakfast Stout

Yes, I know this isn’t seasonal. And yes, I know most of you know about this beer and love it. But this is for the rest of you. Simply put: chocolate, roasted malts, and coffee. If that doesn’t instantly warm you up like a flannel blanket, I don’t know what will. Plus it’s safe to drink in the morning, because breakfast is in the name.

Founders Breakfast Stout - best beers of all time

From Ohio


Cincinnati has a long and proud German history, and Rhinegeist continues that with their Oktoberfest brew; Franz. Everything that makes an enjoyable Märzen. Be sure to grab a few of these malty delights this fall.

Rhinegeist Franz - best beers of all time

Son of a Mudder

If you’re a fan of brown ales, than you’ll enjoy the Son of a Mudder. Tastes of caramel, chocolate and mild coffee. Mellow, malty, and a great beer to watch a game with. Bad weather doesn’t mean bad times.

land-grant son of a mudder - best beer of all time

Fat Head’s
Prohibition Pauly

An American Porter with all of the rich components. This flavorful dark beer has everything you’d expect from a true American Porter. A great beer to finish off your night after a long day raking leaves.

fat head's prohibition pauly - best beer of all time