Turns out that ‘Incredible, edible egg’ tagline was right. Eggs are one of the most versatile and good-for-you foods out there. Just think about breaking that golden yolk with the edge of your toast, or that yellow gold dripping down the side of your burger, or the perfect poached egg running across..basically anything. Recipes are infinite. Costs are generally cheap.

First, let’s look at an average egg by the numbers.*

Calories: 70

Fat: 5g

Saturated fat: 1.5g

Protein: 6g

Cholesterol: 185mg

Cholesterol Debunked

Most people probably remember the “limit your egg intake because they are high in cholesterol” phase. Turns out we didn’t need to be in such an uproar. Eggs have less cholesterol than originally thought. As a healthy guy, you can incorporate a reasonable amount of eggs into your diet without any major health risks.

For a scientific explanation of this debunked myth, check out this article on Forbes. Basically, your body breaks down most of the cholesterol you get from food, while your body makes much of the cholesterol found in the blood. High blood cholesterol is linked to the bad stuff. Excess bad cholesterol is caused by our bodies inability to clean it up, which is largely determined by factors outside of diet. Boom. Back to enjoying eggs.

Superfood Benefits

Now let’s talk about the good stuff in eggs. You can’t really go wrong with protein, and eggs have a good amount. A complete protein, egg proteins contain all the amino acids your body needs and uses them to help build cells, tissues and thereby muscle. Anybody with some basic fitness knowledge knows protein is essential to building muscle. As an added bonus, proteins help you stay fuller longer.

Eggs are also high choline. You probably don’t know what it is and you’re probably not getting enough of it. Choline is a nutrient that’s clutch for building cell membranes, helps liver function and transports other nutrients throughout the body.

We should also mention what eggs don’t have – gluten, sugar or carbohydrates. Everybody has tried to eliminate or moderate one or all three of these at some time or another. In an age of read the label and look for whole ingredients, an egg is an egg. Period.

Get Crackin

Breakfast, lunch or dinner, eggs have their place anytime of the day. They can be the main attraction, or there’s a reason the trend of slapping a fried or poached egg on top of anything and everything exists.

Here’s some recipes to get you started:


Master either of these techniques and you’ve got eggs for days.

Step it up a Notch

With the basics down, get a little more adventurous with your egg cookery. Got veggies or bacon or cheese? Got some eggs? You’ve got a quiche or an omelet. Flavor and ingredient combos are basically only limited by your palate or the contents of your fridge, but here’s a few ideas to get you started.

Egg Expert

Now if you’re really feeling fancy or trying to impress somebody, opt for these slightly more intensive egg-based dishes.

*Egg facts courtesy of none other than incredibleegg.org.

Susan Post