Great gear for the Great Outdoors

Whether you hunt, camp, backpack, hike, fish or just love taking pictures of the fall foliage, there are certain tools that will provide you with the confidence that you can take on anything. These pieces of gear are reliable, versatile and utilitarian. They go with you everywhere you want to go, and then some. This is a short list of some great gear for the great outdoors.

Leatherman Signal


There is nothing more versatile than a multitool, and the Leatherman Signal is sure to fit the bill. With 19 tools in total, there is a good chance it will be prepared when you need it. It even includes a fire starter and a whistle to help in worse case scenarios. Learn more about the Signal here.

Leatherman Signal - great great for the great outdoors

Gerber LMFII

fixed-blade knife

With the ability to cut through rope, a seatbelt, wood, meat, or even puncture a plane fuselage, this military tested knife is all you’ll need as you conquer the outdoors. It even has a built-in sharpener in the sheath, which makes keeping it sharp effortless. Want to learn more? Click here.

Gerber LMFII - fixed blade knife - great gear for the great outdoors

Scorpion HL

everyday flashlight

Waterproof (IPX-7 rating), shock-proof, 10 years of battery life, and rubber casing for added grip. Everything you need in an “everyday carry” flashlight. It also has three separate light modes, including a strobe feature. There’s a reason police, firefighters, and combat troop trust Streamlight and the Scorpion HL. Read more.

Scorpion HL - everyday flashlight - great gear for the great outdoors

Victorinox Original Chronograph

sport watch

When it comes to a watch to tool around in that can take the abuse of your outdoor escapades, the Chronograph is hard to beat. Modeled after their Swiss Army knife, it’s simply designed with functionality in mind. Water resistant up to 100m, shock resistant, and ready to go wherever you go. Check it out.

Victorinox Original Chronograph  sport watch - great gear for the great outdoors

HyperLamina™ Spark

sleeping bag

Calling this a sleeping bag by Mountain Hardwear seems a discredit. It’s a high performance synthetic bag engineered to be as light and as warm as possible. It’s insulated lining is situated to keep your feet and core- the most important parts- as warm as possible. All that warmth in a bag weighing 1lb 10oz. To learn how they do this, click here.

HyperLamina™ Spark  sleeping bag - great gear for the great outdoors

Seagull Bags NightShift V2

go-anywhere backpack

All that gear and nowhere to put it? How about a good looking handmade backpack from Seagull bags. The NightShift V2 is a durable bag that is sure to fit the needs of any adventurer. It’s waterproof and has a full length zipper allowing the bag to clamshell giving you easy access to all of it’s contents. To see some great shots of the bag in action, click here.

Seagull Bags NightShift V2  go-anywhere backpack - great gear for the great outdoors

What’s something you always take with you on your outdoor adventures? Let us know!