Craft Beer Releases for the Year's End

Craft beer is not new. The term has become so overused that I hope, sooner rather than later, we can just start calling it beer.  However, what is new in the beer world (see what I did there?) is the seemingly endless product releases progressive brewers are bringing to market.

What’s the latest IPA? What sour ale is arriving next week? Did you get a chance to try that barrel-aged stout?

These kinds of rumblings can be heard in bottle shops across the country, hundreds of times a day. I am definitely one of those people asking the questions.  When it comes to trying a new beer, I love the thrill of the hunt. It’s fair to say that, during any given week, I troll/tweet/Instagram-stalk a lot of popular breweries and bottle shops hoping to find out when their rare and special bottles of beers will be available.  In this quest, I am not alone. There are thousands like me. It’s practically a brotherhood of beer lovers, minus the secret handshake. So, cheers to my fellow chasers of suds — may your beer glass always be full.

Without further ado, here are three beer releases I’m looking most forward to in the next month.

Maine Beer Company


Release: Dec. 19, 2015

Dinner is a Double IPA only available for sale at the Maine Beer Company production facility. A big beer that is dry hopped twice with over six pounds of hops per barrel (via Released a few times a year, this beer has grown wildly in popularity and, when it comes to release day, the brewery hosts large lines of fans well before the sun comes up.  If you’re planning on visiting Maine Beer Company’s Dinner release this year, grab your heavy jacket and long johns because the wait will be long, cold, but very, very worth it.

Hoof Hearted Brewing

Konkey Dong

Release: Dec. 13, 2015

“Dabbling in the Dank & Dark Arts!” is the slogan for Marengo, Ohio-based Hoof Hearted Brewing and that is exactly what they deliver with Konkey Dong.  An Imperial IPA that pours a hazy orange color and gives a “danky” aroma of Galaxy, Simcoe and Dr. Rudi hops (via  Hoof Hearted beers are normally distributed in small quantities around central Ohio, but there’s never a guarantee you can find them or that limited edition beers won’t sell out at the brewery on release day.  If you want to better your odds of securing a case, head to the brewery on the 13th. Bring snacks for your wait in line.

Prairie Artisan Ales

Christmas Bomb


Prairie Artisan Ales’ most popular beer might be their big stout Bomb. Close behind Bomb is a variant they release every year around the holidays called Christmas Bomb. They take their crowd favorite stout and spice it up with cinnamon bark to give it the holly jolly feeling of the season (via Clocking in around 12% AB, this brew is sure to keep you warm by the fireside. If you want to snag a bottle, keep a close eye on your local bottle shops during the end of the year and cross your fingers the day it arrives that you might be lucky enough to buy one.

Post written for Cliff Original by Dan Reeve.