If you’re like me you learned how to shave by watching your dad, using the same products he used, and a lot of trial and error. For me this meant a 4 blade razor and a pressurized can dispensing foamed shaving cream. This story is probably similar for anyone who has shaved in the past half-century, but sometimes just because everyone is doing something doesn’t mean it’s the best option. There has been a lot of consideration lately when it comes to the blades men use. But what about the product? It’s the only thing between us and the blade, shouldn’t we care what we put on our face?

Shave Soaps

The way it’s always been done. Soaps have been utilized to shave faces since shaving faces became popular. This old fashioned style has stood the test of time due to its thick lather. Grab a mug, a boars hair brush and your razor. The process became a morning ritual. Soaps provided extra lubrication while moisturizing the skin, leading to all-around smooth shaves. But, over time some people grew tired of the process, the necessary tools, and the time so they looked for an easier route.

Shaving Cream

The 1940’s was the hay-day for shave creams. People were ditching the brush and mug for a razor and a low lathering cream. With less time to shave in the mornings, shaving cream allowed men to get out the door that much faster. Their downside was they were pricier than shave soaps, and technology would soon lead to an even easier way to get shaving cream to lather, taking away from their convenience.

The Dreaded Can

As far as convenience, affordability, and over-all abundance these aerosol cans of gel or cream have been dominating the market since the late 1940’s. You’ve all probably used these before, and we don’t blame you. They are accessible, and can be used with any type of razor. All that being said, they aren’t good. They’re useless when it comes to smooth, close, and comfortable shaves. What’s more, they contain parabens the can lead to skin irritation. Although formulas have advanced, there’s still a better, healthier way to get a great shave.

Soaps, Creams, Now… Butter?

In recent years we’ve seen men care more and more about the products they use, as they should. The idea that “it’s just shaving, who cares” is no longer the case. So what’s the next best thing in shaving? We have our money on Shave Butter. Butters are low-lather, meaning they can be made with all natural ingredients (right up our alley). They are packed full of natural oils, keeping your skin protected and moisturized. These oils also help keep your razor from getting clogged, leading to smoother shaves with less nicks and cuts. Shave Butters touch back to what made shave creams the go-to in the early 40’s: convenience. Butter can be used with any kind of razor, doesn’t require a brush and mug, and provides an extremely close shave. The low-lather aspect also makes it highly visible, which is perfect for lining up beards and necks. So it’s convenient, good for your skin, and good for the environment. If it sounds like a triple threat, that’s because it is.