Father’s Day is this weekend, and there’s no shame in not having a gift yet. You are still looking for the perfect idea! I understand, and I’m here to help you out. These ideas are sure-fire ways to make your pops happy, and no one will know you thought of it during crunch time.

For the dad that likes to relax with a cold one:
Brooklyn Brew Shop Home Brewing Set $75

It’s a warm summer night, and he’s relaxing out on the back porch sipping on an ice-cold craft beer. Sound familiar? If this is in your dad’s nightly routine, then you have to give him the ability to brew his own beer. That way, he can make it the way he wants. Plus, he’ll be pretty proud to show off his own personal IPA. If he starts saving up bottles and caps going forward, then it’s really eco-friendly, too. Any time you can help the environment by drinking a beer is a win in my book.

Brooklyn Brew Shop>>

For the dad who loves his tunes:
Spotify Premium $9.99/month

Spotify premium is a great gift for the dad that likes the listen to music while on the go. The biggest advantage of premium over the free version of Spotify is that the songs you “save” are available when you are offline – or not connected to data. If your dad is like mine, he is not a fan of using a lot of GB's each month. Spotify premium also allows you to only listen to the songs you want to hear and avoid all of the suggested tunes, which is a pretty underrated quality. Plus, it’s the 21st century. If your pops isn’t on board with playing music on his phone, then that needs to be fixed. Word of advice: the best way to give the gift of Spotify is through a gift card, so you don’t have to switch the credit card on the account down the line. 

Spotify Gift Card>>

For the dad who’s a fan of the city:
City Map Glass $14/glass

I saw these glasses originally on Pinterest, and I couldn’t get them out of my head. Remind your dad of his favorite city, a memorable vacation or his hometown with these etched glasses. There are 17 different U.S. cities available. These glasses honestly hit the trifecta: functional, stylish and thoughtful. If these cities don’t seem like your dad’s style, they also have some glasses engraved with the Declaration of Independence or Constitution. I honestly can’t think of more appropriate glass to drink out of on the Fourth of July than that.

Uncommon Goods>>

For the dad who travels:
Dopp Bag $44.99

If your dad travels a lot like mine, then he needs a good bag for his skin and hair care essentials. I just found out my dad has been using a free toiletries bag he got as a gift from a hotel over ten years ago! It was definitely time for a change. I gave the high quality, waxed canvas Dopp Bag to my dad last weekend. It was created for Cliff Original by the guys at Seagull Bags, so you know its some good stuff. The size, the durability, the color; it’s the perfect fit for every fella. Plus, if you want to get a little bit more for your father, then you can get the dopp kit. This guy comes with all of his beard care essentials. As always, Cliff products are made from all natural ingredients and cruelty free, and his beard will look healthy and smell great.

Dopp Bag>> or Dopp Kit>>

For the dad who likes to be active:
Teakwood S’well Water Bottle $35

S’well water bottles are the best way to keep any cold or hot beverage the appropriate temperature, and the wood collection is perfect for dad. They rock the outdoorsy look with a sleek matte finish on top. If your dad is still using any old plastic water bottle or buying bottled water at the store, then a S’well bottle is a great gift. Another cool thing about these fellas is they do their part to give back to the community through various charities that promote clean water. Your old man will be very impressed with the slick style and awesome technology behind these water bottles, trust me.

S'well Bottle>>

For the dad you want to spend more time with:
Strawberry Picking - $1.99/pound

If you wanted to try an activity instead, then I recommend strawberry picking. It’s inexpensive, and the strawberries are delicious; they melt in your mouth like raspberries. We’re all about all-natural options over at Cliff, so picking your own is a big plus. Strawberry picking season is relatively short, but for a lot of states, now is the time to get to the farm. Specifically, it’s prime time for Alabama, Connecticut, California, Ohio and more.

You can check here to see if this is the right time of year for your state, and there are some potential patches listed as well. A lot of places only supply bags, so I suggest you bring your own container or bucket.