Are you a fan of that special time of the year when everything green turns to warm hues of red, orange and yellow? If so these are 5 great spots around our beautiful country you should check out to see the leaves change.


Aspen is one of those places that is great to visit regardless of the time of year. But it's time to shine is mid-September when it's namesake's tree changes its leaves to a golden yellow for a few weeks. Come October most of these leaves will be on the ground, so try to get there by the end of September when it is peak season. With plenty of lodging to choose from you can really tailor your experience. The Limelight Hotel is one of the most popular stays in town, where as the Aspen Meadows Resort gives quick access to trails for some great site-seeing.


While much can be said about any East-coast road trip for foliage, The Berkshires offers more than just warm colored views. From a Foliage Parade to any arts & culture event you can think of, this rural area of Massachusetts has tons to do. Plus you can stay in the Blantyre hotel which is modeled after a Scottish castle. While the season lasts a little longer in the East, don't wait 'til November for your trip.


A natural border between Washington and Oregon, this gorge is all about views; which it has plenty of. It's a short drive from Portland with everything an outdoorsman could want for a getaway. Hotels with views of the 208-ft Wah Gwin Gwin waterfall, the Columbia River, and views of Mt. Hood. This gorge is the largest National Scenic Area in the U.S. for a good reason. Since you're going to be there for the scenery, might as well stay at a place with views. The Columbia Gorge Hotel was built in 1921 and has the rustic character to fit.


The Great Smoky Mountains are a site to see come October and November. With the rich color of the fall foliage and spectacular views, this is a great fall getaway. Get a group, rent a cabin and enjoy a weekend of trails, food and friends. Maybe even a few beers. If Cabins aren't your thing, stay in town at Bearskin Lodge on the River Hotel for some family friendly fun.


This forested mass of land jutting out in the middle of the Great Lakes is hard to go wrong in. With plenty of places to go, visit, see, and stay it's a guaranteed good trip. Check it out from mid-September through October for the best colors. Outside of the abundance of cabins and b&b's in the region, check out Mount Bohemia mountain resort. Did I mention they have fall color chair lift rides?