Has anyone else been “dodge, dip, dive, duck and dodge”-ing people in the office and on the street to avoid the flu this winter? Me too… but then we all get sick anyway. Before you reach for the medicine cabinet, try a few of these natural ways to get over your winter flu.

Go take a steamy shower.

Get in the shower, get it as hot as you can, and put your head and face under the stream. The lucky bit about a runny nose is the hot water breaks it up. It might get a little gross, but try to get all that congestion out.

Another way you can do this is by boiling a large pot of water, draping a towel over your head and breathing in the steamy water.

*bonus: all this moisture is freaking fantastic for your skin and beard.

Essential oils.

Have you seen your gal going nuts over this stuff? It’s because they work. Good news, we put it in our beard oil. So if you have some mint beard oil laying around, you don’t even need to use anything from her storage. Put a few drops on your chest or under your nose. You can also drop some in that boiling water we talked about.

My favorite part – Drink whiskey.

Have any bourbon or Tennesee whiskey laying around? Go get it and pour yourself a big ole shot, or mix it into some hot tea. The alcohol helps dilute the blood vessels so your body can help fight some of that mucus. All you get is one shot though.. too much alcohol can just inflame you and make things worse, but if your shot is a double, I won’t tell anyone.


This is the most simple, yet effective way to fight a sore throat: gargle salt water. Simply get a glass of water as hot as you can get it and add about a small spoonful of salt. Gargle and spit the whole glass. Repeat every four hours.

Go rest.

You took your shower, you took your shot, you gargled some salt, now go to bed. Staying warm and resting is essential to recovery. Also, that fever you’re battling is your body telling you it’s fighting an infection – chill out and let it take its toll. Fluids are your best friend here, drink up. Your body is doing its best to heal you, let it. Also plump up those pillows so your congestion isn’t just hanging out in your sinuses and nasal passages.