Winter Eats: Fruits and Vegetables

In the depth of winter, it’s pretty hard to find good fruits or veggies that aren’t crazy preserved or pumped with chemicals to keep their color. For example, take the tomato, there are few things better than a home grown beefsteak tomato. However, in winter it’s hard to trust store tomatoes. They don’t have the same taste, color or consistency. Actually, they’re kinda gross and its times like that when I understand why so many people hate tomatoes. Now that we’re done with the tomato rant, let’s talk about fruits and veggies you can find at the store in the winter months that are in season. Now I get it, fruits and vegetables don’t scream ‘party,’ but give ’em a chance.

When you think of winter months, you don’t typically think of fruits. A strawberry salad isn’t something often craved. However, you can still plump up your diet with some awesome (in season) fruits. My house is always stocked with oranges and clementines to grab on the go. Here are other fruits to add to your winter diet:

Date Plums
Mandarin Oranges

Not sure about you, but I consume way more veggies in winter than any other season. There’s something comforting about veggie soup on a cold day, right? Warming up any of these bad boys will be comforting and help you get your summer bod ready. In general, eating produce that’s in season is eating produce that has full flavor. So even if you aren’t a veggie fan, give these ones a shot this month.

Brussels Sprouts
Buttercup Squash
Collard Greens
Sweet Potatoes


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