The origin of Bay Rum is a stinky story. Imagine a ship full of sailors out at sea for months at a time. After just a few days, things begin to smell pretty putrid. To combat this, one ingenious sailor started rubbing the leaves of the bay trees of the west indies on his skin, passing the pleasant smelling oils from the leaf onto his skin masking the god awful stink that he had accumulated. The practice began to catch on, and the sent of bay leaves became the go to deodorant for early sailors.

Soon, advances were made. It was discovered that the sailors favorite drink (rum) could extract the bay leave’s oils much more efficiently than just the practice of rubbing the leaves on the skin. The rum added a whole new component to the smell as well. Sailors began steeping the bay leaves in rum and using the liquid as their cologne.

These days, alcohol is still used to extract the bay leave’s oils but is then distilled down into an essential oil. What the sailors probably didn’t know at the time, was that the bay rum had other benefits than just smelling great. We know now that Bay Rum is great for your hair, skin, and even your beard.

The Benefits of Bay Rum

1. A Thicker Beard

Bay Rum has been used for ages to aid in hair growth. The ingredients in Bay Rum stimulates the skin and scalp, producing more hair, resulting in a thicker, fuller beard. Bay Rum is also helpful in hydrating your skin, therefore preventing dandruff in your beard.

2. More Vibrant Skin

Bay Rum is frequently found in after-shaves because bay leaves help to de-stress your skin, thus preventing the occurrence of wrinkles and skin outbreaks. Bay leaf also has pretty amazing healing powers, which is another reason it’s perfect for your skin in the winter months. In the past, it was used to relieve cuts and bruises. Bay leaf oil also has antifungal and anti-bacterial properties which can cure skin infections.

3. Mood Uplifter

Bay Rum can also be an efficient anti-depressant. The scent is so pleasant, even a small amount has been found to initially uplift the sense of wellbeing and can increase confidence levels.


photo credit: Shock2006
Modified by Cliff Original