3 Habits That Might Be Affecting Your Beard

We all have habits, it’s natural. Clicking your pen, snapping your gum, even cracking your knuckles are all habits people embrace subconsciously on a daily basis. Every habit has its consequences, and it’s not any different with your beard. Here are 3 habits that might be affecting your beard:

Pulling At Your Beard:

Most dudes play with their beards on a regular basis, whether out habit or comfort. Lightly stroking your beard won’t typically cause a ton of damage (see below). However, pulling at your beard can cause some damage to that lion mane you’ve worked so hard to grow. Pulling at your beard, especially in one specific spot out of habit can thin groups of follicles and cause holes to appear in your beard.

Stroking Your Beard:

While it’s not completely encouraged, stroking your beard won’t typically cause damage to your hair growth. However, stroking your beard with oily hands, especially if you keep a close shave, could cause acne. On the flip side, the more you stroke your beard with dry skin, the more dandruff will appear.  Be sure your hands are clean and hands and face are moisturized before you touch that face trophy of yours.

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Plucking Those Grey Hairs:

When you reach that golden age of developing grey hairs in your beard, its nothing you should hide or be ashamed of. For two reasons: 1) embrace the badass-ness of having a wise, manly beard. 2) the grey hairs are just going to grow back but thicker, shorter, more stubby and more difficult to hide.

Naturally the first step to breaking any habit is to realize when you are doing it, then developing means to prevent you from doing such habit. If you pull at your beard while you are thinking, try playing with a pen instead. Wash your hands and moisturize regularly. Lastly, don’t pluck those grey hairs – embrace them and revel in the fact you lived long enough to get grey hair.