Travel During the Holidays With Style

It’s officially the holidays. ‘Tis the season when all of your family asks, “Why do you have so much hair on your face?” – Don’t worry, that glorious beard will win them over soon enough. A great looking beard is important all of the time and dressing well is pretty important too during the holiday season. While you travel home to meet up with family and a few old friends, keep looking fresh with these quick tips for traveling during the holidays with style:

Lets Talk Clothes.

To ensure you don’t show up to Thanksgiving dinner looking like you’re still living in a dorm room, choose fabrics that won’t leave you a wrinkled mess:

Denim jeans. Denim is a fabric from the gods for guys like you, who don’t bother with irons. It’s pretty great at staying wrinkle-free, and it’s comfortable enough to wear all day and night. Wearing dark jeans with a nice sweater will make you ready for all festive occasions.

Knit sweaters. Always go with knit. The stretchier the better. The darker the better. Why? Knit is one heck of a fabric to prevent wrinkles, and when they have a tad bit of stretch its even better, and dark colors won’t show dirt, or a coffee (or  bourbon) spill.

No-iron, everything. If you have to choose absolutely ONE thing in the store, make sure the tag says no-iron. If you have to travel on a plane or you are in the car for long periods of time, this stuff was made for you. The best part is you climb out of the car, or the plane, looking crisp and fresh.

Let’s Pack.

Pack in larger bags and suitcases: While it might be a pain to carry around, you will thank yourself when you pull out your wrinkle-less clothes. Stuffing clothes into smaller pieces of luggage will force your clothing to become a wrinkled disaster. Dealing with the annoyances of a larger bag will save you in the end – and keep you looking truly dapper.

Roll, don’t fold: While folding your clothes is always a natural way to pack, try rolling your clothes to prevent wrinkles. If you have a button up, nice pants, or a solid jacket, rolling them will keep them from flattening out. Stay wrinkle-free, my friends. Also, do yourself a favor, go to the store and pick up some Downy wrinkle-free spray and a few mini lint rollers. Although you might not think these will be useful, little steps make a big difference.

You’re almost ready to go, all you need now is a dapper pair of shoes and a good travel bag (just to be safe) – and you’re done. You’re officially ready to travel in style, my man. You know how your in-laws love to pick you apart – so polish up that beard, and go get ’em tiger.