In between the depths of stubble and a full beard there is a dangerous valley that all men fear –The Beard Itch.

When you begin to grow your beard out there is a certain point in the growth process when your beard hair begins to curl back and tickles your face, that tickle is amplified because of your last shave. When you give yourself a close shave, you are cutting your hair follicles into pointy little daggers. If you can fight the itch, your beard will reach a point of no return (to your face) and the itching will eventually stop. However, when you are in the firey pits of “The Beard Itch,” there are a few things that can help ease the itch:

  • Don’t over do it with the shampoo. Shampoos with strong chemicals such as sulfate will strip you of your natural grease, which is your natural itch protectant (kinda gross, right? but it’s true).
  • Use beard oil and beard balm. Beard balm and oil will provide moisture to your skin and will soften your hair follicles so your itch will be less irritating and possibly stop that itch all together.
  • Don’t use your nails. It’s easier said than done, but when your beard is itching, try not to use your nails for your scratching tool. Doing so can damage your skin, causing redness, dryness and irritation or pull hairs out of your beard. Instead try lightly stroking your beard in the direction of follicle growth with your palm so you don’t damage that beautiful, blossoming beard.

Good news? Power through this rough time in your beard’s life, and eventually, the pointy hairs will soften and you both will come out stronger on the other side. The grass is always greener… walk a mile in your beard’s shoes… and all of those sayings apply. You can do this.