Why Horsetail Leaf and Nettle Seed are Great for Your Hair

You probably don’t think much about horsetail root and nettle leaf extract, though you should if you care about your beard and hair like it’s your first born child… like we do. First-things-first, horsetail root and nettle leaf extract are often found in men’s grooming products because they help keep you looking dapper. While these ingredients sound pretty weird, horsetail root and nettle leaf are great for your hair and beard – and everything that contributes to healthy hair is an A+ in our book.

Let’s look into a short history of each plant:

Nettle Leaf

Often called stinging nettle, this plant has long been used in a variety of medicinal applications. A jack-of-all-trades, nettle can help with conditions such as arthritis, allergies and even wound care. While all of that is grand, more importantly (for us) it also has been shown to promote hair growth.

Horsetail Root

If we are talking about how long this plant has been medically relevant, you’d have to throw it all the way back to the ancient Greeks and Romans. Horsetail root is a multi-use herb that is high in silica, which it pretty unusual for plants – but it works out for us, because it’s one of the reasons it’s great for your hair. You see, silica helps to achieve hormonal balance, helping you keep your hair full and strong.

Let’s talk benefits:

When combined, these two make a heck of a duo for your beard and hair:

  1. Both nettle and horsetail can combat hair loss and promote hair growth. Nettle blocks excess DHT (dihydrotestosterone) – the number one hormone responsible for hair loss.
  2. Does your product leave your hair (or beard) strong, lustrous and with an improved texture? Better believe these two extracts help that happen.
  3. Dandruff is never a good look, neither is beard-ruff. Luckily, horsetail and nettle go all Floyd Mayweather on your dandruff. Regularly using products with these two ingredients will keep you looking fresh.

When you combine these two ingredients in your grooming products, you get great results. You have healthier hair and a sexier beard… now go outside and show them off.

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