Morning Routine for Your Face

Mornings are hard.

Fighting a losing battle with the alarm clock every morning and getting out the door on time can be challenging. Now punks like us are telling you to wake up earlier to add a face routine to the mix. While you can’t blame us for wanting you to have the best face of all the faces, we know it can be challenging to take the steps, so we made it super simple. Here are a few steps to add in your morning routine for your face (the mirror will thank you):


Even if it doesn’t look like you need to wash your face, you still do. Every single morning. Think of all the things you do throughout your day: gym, work, meals, sleeping. All of those contribute to a dirty face, even if you can’t see the dirt. All that grime can get into your pores or beard and can cause acne that will take you back to the 10th grade. Best way to prevent a flashback like that is to get a face wash that will clean you up without drying you out. Face washes with all natural ingredients will give you what you need without the damage.


We aren’t telling you to shave that beard/mustache off, it’s a part of you – we understand. However, set aside a little time in the morning to give your facial hair a little love. Spending 2-4 minutes trimming up around the ears, nose, mouth and neck can be the difference between a good look and a great look. Plus, there’s few things worse than your beard growing over your upper lip. *This isn’t something that needs to be done daily, 2-3 times a week will work.


Your skin takes a beating every day. The only way to give it a little TLC is to moisturize daily. You’re repairing and protecting your skin if you do this daily. Grab a face moisturizer that has a little SPF in it so you can give your skin a shield on a daily basis, even in the winter.

Now that you know the three quick steps, get into a habit of incorporating them into your morning routine. Of course stick with the usual tasks like brushing your chompers, drinking a glass of H2O and eating a manly breakfast. Also, try moving in the mornings. Stretching, running, walking, pumping iron – whatever floats your boat. Get moving fellas. Show this day what’s up.

If all else fails, go back to bed and try again tomorrow.