5 Fun Valentine's Day Date Ideas

Valentine’s Day

The holiday of “love” often filled with pressure of planning the perfect day. Don’t worry, we’re here to help.

Whether you’re a dude who gets jittery in preparation of Valentine’s Day, one who honestly couldn’t care less, or somewhere in between – it will win you big points to try to switch up the plans this year. Hey, not every Valentine’s Day has to involve a dozen roses or the standard drinks and dinner charade. Here’s five fun Valentine’s Day date ideas that will leave you looking awesome and even sexier than you looked before (if that’s possible):

Little Things = Day Made.

Some people just enjoy the simple things in life. A day of thoughtful little gestures is going to be memorable (and likely earn more brownie points) than a box of chocolates… although, in our experience, chocolate never hurts.

The plan? The possibilities are nearly endless here, what matters is picking up on little things that will mean a lot: fresh brewed coffee in bed in the morning, thoughtful texts throughout the day, doing the dishes, picking up a favorite dessert. You can’t really go wrong spending the day doing small things for your loved one. Come on fellas, get off the couch and fix up things around the house. Just get up and DO – that will show more than you think.

Think Middle School.

Remember those middle school dates your parents had to drive you to? Make this Valentine’s Day feel like that – innocent and kind of awesome. This is your chance to be spontaneous and fun for a while.

The Plan? Places like arcades, mini-golf and skating rinks still exist, you just have to find them. Plan a day just having fun. The best part? You get the best of both worlds – you can be a kid for the day, but you can throw in some cocktails into the mix for extra fun. Also, winning a giant stuffed animal for your date won’t hurt.

Get Creative.

Ok fellas, you’re going to have to roll up your sleeves for this one, but it’s going to be worth it. If your special someone is sentimental, or if you just want to do something really awesome, it’s time to get creative.

The plan? One way to get super creative is to do something like a treasure hunt. Make a list of some places that might mean something to your relationship: place of your first date, first kiss, and first “I love you.” Maybe have some surprises at each location, or clues to the next place… it might take some work, but it will mean a lot.

Another way you could get creative is to plan an ultimate meal tour to favorite places around your city – specific to your date’s favorites: go to the bar with their favorite cocktail, the restaurant with their favorite appetizer, the place that has their favorite main course, their favorite dessert spot. It might take some planning to create a day like this, but it will show you pay attention and know what they like.

 Explore Something New.

Valentine’s Day is a good chance to get stuff done your Valentine has always wanted to do. Let’s say they’ve always wanted to go, see, or try something new…

The Plan? Go do it. It doesn’t matter where or when –  just go! Heck, make it a surprise. While you’re at it, try to figure out what else is around. Shops? Bars? Yelp it up, then spend the day exploring something or somewhere new together.

Head To The Kitchen.

Maybe doesn’t seem all that crazy, but how often to do you and your significant other really take the time to cook a kick-ass meal together?

The Plan? Write out your perfect menu then go pick out all the ingredients together (Bonus: Check out somewhere like Whole Foods where you can start sipping on the wine while you shop). Drink in one hand spatula in the other, take your time preparing the meal you picked out together. Final step: relax and enjoy. A quiet night in can be just as awesome and romantic as a night out on the town.

While Valentine’s Day might not be your thing, it could be theirs – We know you’re a manly man, but going the extra mile for your special someone will mean more to them than you probably think. Go show them what you’re made of.