Best Facial Hair in Presidential History

Cheers, to all the presidents who fought the good fight and got stuck in a few bathtubs. We salute you. What we salute even more than your courage is that you molded the land of the free and the home of the brave in style – facial hair style. Here’s our list of gents with the best facial hair in presidential history:

Theodore Roosevelt

This President was smart, well-liked, and rocked an incredible walrus mustache that puts him on the top of our list. When Teddy wasn’t spending his extra time hunting elephants and winning the Nobel Peace Prize, we’re guessing you could’ve probably found him brushing his glorious manly mustache and winning at life. The mustache says it all, this man was an American inspiration.

Theodore Roosevelt mustache - all natural beard care

Abraham Lincoln

They didn’t call him Honest Abe for nothing. He was a pretty dignified man, and his beard followed suit. This man’s chin curtain was so great they even named the style after him. Who do we have to thank for this glorious beard in our nations history? Grace Bedell. Who at the age of 11 convinced Abe to grow a beard to gain more votes in the election. Thanks Grace, our nation owes ya.

Abraham Lincoln beard - all natural beard care

James A. Garfield

While his death might’ve been a mess, his beard was a face-trophy of awesome. Garfield set the ‘Lumbersexual’ beard aflame before it was cool (if only he wore a flannel and carried an axe around the White House). Although he could’ve done with some beard balm, this guy set the stage for the best modern beard in the presidential line-up. Unfortunately, we haven’t seen a president with a beard in office since Garfield – after his death only mustaches dominated the White House.

James A Garfield beard - all natural beard care


Chester Arthur

One word: Stacheburns. Sure, he had some pretty great accomplishments as a president, but we think his mustache/sideburn combo is really what people admired during his time in office. His whiskers made America look good in a time we didn’t look so hot. Why can’t we have more presidents with this kind of enthusiasm for facial hair?

Chester Arthur mustache - all natural mustache products

Rutherford Hayes

Not only is the name ‘Rutherford’ manly and awesome, this guys beard takes the prize of biggest beard in presidential history, and we applaud him for it. Hayes had beards on top of beards – and while he might’ve been called “Granny Hayes” because he didn’t drink, smoke or gamble, he’s still a rock-solid beard-god in our book.

Rutherford Hayes

William Howard Taft

No list would be complete without Taft’s handlebar mustache. There’s a long list of public figures with great mustaches, but this guy takes the cake. He’s also the last president to ever have facial hair, so for all these reasons and more – we salute you, Bill.

There you have it, the best facial hair in presidential history. What About George Washington?  When it comes to the facial hair department, it’s true, he was lacking. Nevertheless, it could be said that George paved the way for all those hairy Americans who followed. Not to mention, we hear he could bust a move on the dance floor and his sideburns look pretty fantastic on the one-dollar bill.

William Howard Taft mustache - all natural mustache products

Photo Credit: Garfield | Taft | Lincoln | Hayes | Roosevelt | Arthur