When it comes to the grooming industry, men usually have it pretty great: longer lasting deodorant, razors with more blades, even stronger and thicker tweezers are marketed towards men. So more often than not, we tend to rummage around our man’s toiletries to get the best of the best. Here’s another thing to add to the list: all-natural beard oil. Sure, it’s beards but ladies can use it for a few reasons other than it smells fantastic: it’s full of vitamin E, sweet almond oil, and jojoba oil – all of which are beneficial to all types of skin (and hair).

Razor Burn

Sweet almond oil plays a big role in soothing razor burn. Why? The most mild form of razor burn is slight itching and irritation – almond oil helps combat that. Almond oil moisturizes, soothes and helps your complexion, all of which your skin might need after a rough ride with a razor or two. Rubbing a few drops of your fellas beard oil on your razor burn area will help relieve that sting and irritation.


Lotion feels so great because it’s hydrating your skin. It’s locking in the moisture that harsh wind and other elements take away from it. If you run out of your daily moisturizer, no problem. The combination of jojoba oil, sweet almond oil, and vitamin E in beard oil is a great alternative to your hydration needs. Just a dab will do – take a few drops and rub in your hands then rub into the dry areas of your skin.

Under Eyes

Vitamin E is an antioxidant that not only repairs your skin, it protects it too. That’s why your mans beard oil can be great to dab under your eyes. It repairs the skin that is worn and torn from make-up, hard chemicals in various face washes, and other daily damage you do to the delicate skin around your eyes.

Of course stealing isn’t always cool, but we give you permission to snatch some of your fellas beard oil to use for your own gain. Just look out for the all-natural stuff, it’s bound to give your skin the most of what it needs without taking away essential oils that your body produces. If you’re feeling super curious, try dabbing some on your split ends since all this natural goodness is great for hair too.