It’s officially Masters weekend. Watching these fellas killing it on the green causes both envy and motivation. Envy of how well these gents play, and motivation for you to get out and work on your swing. While you can’t control who wins, you can support your favorite players by drinking in the name of golf. Call us Arnold-inspired. Grab your green jackets and head to your local liquor store – here are a few cocktails for your Masters weekend:

Rory Mcilroy:

This guy. Dominating the golfing world and setting his sights to win the green jacket. He has added a lot to the game these past few years and is now the top player in the game. He’s Irish, well balanced and here to win – his drink should duplicate that.

  • 2 ounces of Irish whiskey
  • 1 ounce Sweet Vermouth
  • 2 dashes of orange bitters.

Add ice and stir it all together in a mixing glass for about 30 seconds and pour into a chilled cocktail glass. Feel free to garnish.

The Happy Gilmore:

“Just give it a little tappy.. Tap tap tap-a-roo.”  This drink is perfect for some mid-afternoon tournament watching. Happy learned how to putt!

  • 2 shots Rum, Jamaican
  • Fill the rest of the glass with Iced Tea
  • 3 pinches Sugar

Stir and enjoy!

Rickie Fowler:

Ranking in as the 13th best player in the world, Rickie Fowler is known for working his way around the green. However, he’s also known for bright and outgoing outfits, his cocktail should be just as colorful:

  • 1 ounce Bourbon Whiskey
  • 1 ounce Ginger Soda
  • 1 splash of fresh orange juice

Mix together and pour over ice.

Caddy Shack:

“He’s a Cinderella story. A former assistant groundskeeper about to become the Masters champion.” No matter what, we’re all winners this weekend.

  • 1.5 oz. Absolut Wild Tea Vodka
  • Iced tea
  • Lemonade
  • Lemonwedge (garnish)

Photo credit: Torrey Wiley