Shades to Fit your Budget

Ah, Spring, how happy we are to have you back old friend. We can come out from hiding and start enjoying those green(ish) patches of grass that sit behind our house. We can all take our tops off, if we’re lucky enough to own a convertable or Jeep that is. We can happily walk outside and exclaim… “Ahh! Why is it so damn bright!?”

That’s right, another spring, and another year of not knowing where your favorite pair of sunglasses went. There’s always that pair of sunglasses you got for free from the dentist’s office, but maybe it’s time to invest in a real pair. Don’t worry, we’ve put together a list of great, stylish, and versatile glasses that fit any budget.  Let’s start low and move on up:

$25- Knockaround Fort Knocks:

For 25 bones you can get a pair of stylish and durable glasses. They have tons of frame and lens combinations, and for a small upcharge you can get polarized lenses (bringing your grand total to $30). Raised gold accents add some flare to these shades, but the best part about these glasses is you can wear ’em without worrying about ’em. They can handle a good amount of wear and tear, besides they were only $25. If you break them it wont ruin your month’s budget to get a new set. Grab a pair, or two, here.

Knockaround For Knocks - Sunglasses - Shades

Under $50- American Optical Original Pilots:

These bad boys are an American classic. Real Aviators with squared lenses and four frame finishes that have earned their place in history. They were introduced in 1958 for the US military and have been sported by the likes of Neil Armstrong (onboard Apollo II no less), Tom Cruise, and Don Draper (he’s real). For under $50 you get a classic style that any man can rock. Check here for best prices.

American Optical Original Pilots - sunglasses - shades

Under $100- Warby Parker Haskell:

Two words: Keyhole Bridge. These narrow width glasses from Warby Parker stay true to their mission of providing designer eyewear for a reasonable price. For $95, these glasses are a great looking pair that offer 100% UV protection. They come in two statement colors: Woodgrain Tortoise (shown), and Burnt Lemon Tortoise. Plus you can try before you buy, so you can make sure the fit is right for you. Shop here.Warby Parker Haskell

Over $100- Oakley Frogskins:

Adopting some styling cues from the 80’s, the Frogskins are bold, colorful, and active. They’ve also teamed up with a multitude of characters for special editions, which is always worth a look. They have a full range, prices range from $110-190. They’re durable and chock full of technology to help them last longer and enabling you to see clearer. Definitely a fun option at a decent mid-range price. Check them out here.

Oakley frogskins - sunglasses - shades

$150- Ray-Ban Clubmaster Classic:

Ya know em, ya love em, now it’s your turn to buy a pair. They’ve been a staple of fashion, class, and timeless design since the 50’s. I don’t need to say much else, a true classic, found here.

Ray-Ban Clubmaster Classic - sunglasses - shades

$295- Shwood Canby Select Louisville Slugger:

Thats right, Louisville Slugger. As in the baseball bat we all grew up with, except now it’s on your face! Hand crafted with great detail, these are some killer looking shades. I cant get over it… a baseball bat! Anyways, if you have an extra $300 lying around, head over toShwood for your own slice of  hand crafted Americana.

Shwood Danby Select Louisville Slugger - sunglasses - shades