our beard has its own oils, balms, washes, etc. – but does it have its own comb? If you’re hesitant to invest in a beard comb you’re probably wondering how it will make that face trophy of yours even better. The right beard comb can help your beard by acting as a styling guide and be the finishing touches of your grooming routine. Have we convinced you yet? Let’s take it back to beard combing basics:

Let’s start with purchasing the right beard comb: If you have a long/thick beard, you will want a wide-tooth comb to reach into the deep depths of your beard. If you have a short/thin beard you should invest in a comb where the teeth are closer together so you don’t miss any knots or tangles – if you use a comb too wide for your beard you could be missing those knots.

The time when you comb through your beard can be pretty important. If your beard is wet from the shower, or too dry and dehydrated it can cause split ends. **Keep in mind that split ends are extremely hard to recover from without cutting them off. The reason they can cause so much damage is because the hair, once split, doesn’t grow as well when the split pieces are fragile and delicate – because they break off. If you coat your beard with nourishing ingredients in beard balm and beard oil you are protecting your beard hair and preventing split ends from occurring.

The motion of combing through your beard should be similar to shaving – soft and gentle strokes. If you rip through your beard too harshly you could be doing more harm than good. Taking your time, and gently working your way through knots is the best way to fight through that face mane.

If you are working your way towards a specific look – a good comb and the right amount of beard balm will keep things in line. Balm is thicker than oil, so it will hold your beard hair in place, allowing you to work and mold the style you are looking for.

That’s about it. Like many other aspects of men’s grooming and beard care, it’s what works for you. The main thing is to avoid getting split ends by grabbing the right comb size for your beard and to nourish that bad-boy up to prevent damage.