Throughout history there has been one constant separation: those who grow their facial hair, and those who shave. The reason for growing or not growing a beard has changed, and is regionally and culturally diverse. But for those who grow out their beards, wearing them with pride has always been part of the reward. Our beards are our face trophies.

We grew them, cared for them, and tamed them. We now share that bond with others, without choice or effort. But, once a year both sides of the facial hair spectrum share a common goal: Using beards for good. November, or better known as Novembeard, is a time when facial hair is used for social awareness. Both shavers and growers start the month with a clean face, and continue growing until the end of the month raising money and awareness the whole time.

We are sharing this tidbit to mention our local beard club, Buckeye Bearders, who we are proudly sponsoring. It all started while working with the Pleasure’s Guild of Nationwide Children’s Hospital and their Novembeard – Grow a Beard. Make a Difference fundraiser. Buckeye Bearders was created to help support the Pleasure’s Guild through charitable contributions and time volunteered. If you’re in the Central Ohio area, we’d love to see you at our monthly meet-ups. We change breweries every month, so check out their site for upcoming events. In the meantime, feel free to watch this short video to learn more.