If you’re reading this, you obviously care about your hair and are looking for ways to keep it healthy. One of the best ways to grow and maintain healthy locks is to eat. That’s right, eat. You may have heard of certain foods that have been referred to as ‘power foods’ because they work all sorts of wonders for your body. We’ve compiled a list of power foods that will directly impact the shine, strength, and overall health of your mane.


Salmon is packed with omega-3 fatty acids, which your body doesn’t make, so you need to get them from foods. These fatty acids will fight dullness to give your hair the sheen look you’ve always wanted. Sweet Potatoes also help your hair shine due to their abundance of beta-carotene. Your body turns this into vitamin A, which leads the fight against dry and dull strands. I suggest some sweet potato wedges or a good old sweet potato casserole.

Preventing Breakage

Guava is a lesser-known power fruit for your hair. One cup has 377 milligrams of vitamin C, which is more the four times the minimum daily recommended amount. This vitamin C helps strengthen hair, fortify new strands,and prevent breakage. You can make a guava glaze to give your chicken a healthy twist. Hemp seed is the answer to everything. Not only is it a great source of fiber, it’s packed with essential vitamins and minerals to encourage a healthy scalp. It’s also high in omega-3 fatty acids, which helps to cut down on breakage and even dandruff. You can add it to a smoothie every morning, which will give you a power food boost, but it will also make your smoothie creamier.

Healthy Hair Growth

Oysters are loaded with zinc, an essential mineral for hair growth. It will prevent against hair loss and rebuild healthy hair from the root up. Cells that build hair will work harder when they can rely on zinc.Eggs are one of the most versatile foods. High levels of protein and iron will help you reach daily goals. They are also very rich in vitamin B, otherwise known as biotin, which promote hair growth. Vitamin B has been shown to boost the strength of new hairs and also fingernails.