Tips for Grooming your Eyebrows

Eyebrows are often left behind when it comes to the priorities of men’s grooming. Beards, haircuts, and stubble all typically trump brow maintenance. But let’s face it, who couldn’t use a pluck or two? Here are a few tips on how to keep your brows looking sharp:

Don’t wax.

Waxing is painful, irritates the skin and can leave you with a look that’s a little too perfect. Tweezing is beneficial because it allows you to slowly progress to a style you like and can work with. It also prevents you from walking into the office with full bush-brows one day and shaped up brows the next. Lose the shock-factor by gradually getting to where you want to go by tweezing a few hairs every couple days.

The uni-brow.

The uni-brow is something to avoid at all costs. However, there are different steps to take to create a more natural look than waxing or shaving that area between your brows. Simply thinning out the middle can create a look that doesn’t look too over-groomed – which is what you want to go for.

Use a pencil.

Not an eyebrow pencil like gals use, an actual pencil to line up where your uni should stop. Line up the pencil from the outer sides of the ball of your nose to your brows. This should be the farthest you go with tweezing to keep a masculine look.

Just trimming is an option.

If you think your brows are out of control, take a second look. Just because they may come out further than you’d like doesn’t mean they particularly need shaped. They may just need trimmed up which helps keep brows in place and makes them look lighter and more groomed. Even if you do tease your brows to keep a certain shape, consider trimming up a few unruly guys to keep your look even more tight.