Technology is the friend we all don’t want to rely on, but always need. Each year more than 4 billion US residents plan a vacation and start exploring new boundaries, spending over $2.6 billion each day on travel expenses. So, needless to say, we need some free travel tools in our lives right about now. Thanks to these free travel apps, all you need is your phone and you are set. Time to adventure.



Nothing is worse than starting your vacation on a bad note - long airport security lines. That is where My TSA comes in. My TSA gives you 24/7 access to information that passengers frequently request from the Transportation Security Administration (TSA). This free app shows users how long each wait time is in domestic airports around the country, including delays, so you can calculate exactly what time you need to arrive. More time for sleeping in.


You’ve made it past TSA, and now you need to have your flight updates covered. With FlightStats, users can input their flight number into the app and immediately find out information regarding terminals, gates, and delays. Even better, FlightStats provides a full in-depth flight timeline as a user-friendly way to get all departure and arrival information. If you have a family member or friend traveling and want to make sure they are okay, you can even input their flight info and track their flight to make sure they have arrived at their destination safely.



Trusting that you all are experienced travelers and have your hotel covered, but just in case, that is where HotelTonight comes in. No need to stress about finding a high-quality hotel quickly. Hotel Tonight works with local hotels in major metropolitan areas to provide users with last-minute room rates. So you not only find a room quickly, but probably cheaper than before as well.


Like A Local

What do all the locals do for fun here, you ask. Skip all the tourist traps with Like A Local. This app lets locals post real-time updates and reviews about the hottest spots to go to in town. Like A Local chooses users that are well-integrated with the community, so you will not be getting reviews from someone who has only lived there a week. Time to live like a local!

Cafe Wifi

You may not openly admit you need Internet while traveling, but if you are pairing work with travel, this is a must-have app. Stop using your data, and download Cafe Wifi. This app shows you where there is free Internet. Yes, free. Open the app and see all the nearby workable spaces. Check your email, connect with family and friends, and then enjoy your vacation with an Internet-clear mind.

Google Translate

It’s probably a good idea to know what others are saying around you when traveling. Even if you are traveling locally, more than 350 languages are spoken in the US alone. With Google Translate, you can quickly input a whole paragraph or simple words and receive a translation. Best part, the app can translate spoken words as well. Simply say a phrase in English, and Google Translate will repeat your words in the foreign language of your choice. Making news friends has never been easier.



One of the best ways to explore a new city is through food, but finding those hidden gems and local favs can be somewhat of a challenge. Foodspotting allows you to find local dishes thanks to user-generated content. Photographs from restaurants can often be misleading, but with Foodspotting you are able to see photographs of the food taken by people just like you. There are over 4 million reviews on this app, now you just have to choose a spot.