Fall Fashion With Function

Fall is a beautiful but sometimes unforgiving season. It could be 75 and sunny one day or 55 and raining the next. While I love the foliage, the brisk air, and the fact that football is now consuming all of my free-time, I sometimes regret feeling unprepared when it comes to fall fashion. I have the usual button downs, flannels, and fleece jackets, but these options can leave you cold or stuck carrying an extra item of clothing just in case. I wanted to find clothing that was functional, durable and versatile without sacrificing fashion. This turned out to be surprisingly easy, considering how many companies make great quality clothes with fashion in mind. Here are six items that are well worth their weight in cloth.

Freenote Cloth Gilroy

 They new Gilroy shirt from Freenote Cloth is the definition of a functional shirt. Made to last using a Japanese cotton-wool blend (80-20 mix) that keeps you warm and comfortable. The Gilroys quarter inch single needle stitching keeps it together, no matter what you throw at it. Double front pockets and custom horn button are nice details giving this shirt a timeless look. Wear it over a tee shirt or by itself, the Gilroy is a clean look for the fall.

Huckberry Explorers Shirt

Huckberry and Taylor stitch teamed up to create a shirt worthy of any sort of travelling you may be in to. Made of stone washed duck canvas and equipped with Brass buttons, you can rest easy knowing this shirt has your back. It also has a secret pocket, where they recommend you store your flask full of Pappy, which would be pretty nifty right about now. This shirt comes in 5 colors, including the one pictured: Rust Gold. At $128 this shirt is as reasonable as it is durable. You can also weather-proof it with some Otterwax if you want some added versatility.

JackThreads Trucker Jacket

 If you’re looking for a new jacket with a little more attitude and flair, look no further than the Trucker Jacket from JackThreads. This play on a classic denim jacket is perfect for layering, and will help you stand out from the crowd. With a hidden buttons, the Trucker Jacket has a sleek modern look, while staying seemingly classic in every other way. Wear is open over any shirt, or under winter coats for an extra layer of warmth.

Aimé Leon Dore Beach Crew

Having a nice crew neck is an under valued staple to any guys wardrobe. Lightweight enough to rock on a summer night, but warm enough to layer in the fall. The Beach Crew from Aimé Leon Dore does just that, but in a more fashion forward way. Made of 100% cotton, and colored using a weather garment dyeing technique gives this crew a vintage look that is comfortable. If you want a clean and simple look for a chilly night on the town, pairing this with a pair of nice jeans will do the trick.

Todd Snyder Quilted Bomber Jacket 

As the season goes on, the temperature gradually gets lower. There's always that time of year where a winter jacket is too much, but a sweater just isn't cutting it any longer. The Quilted Bomber jacket from Todd Snyder is the perfect piece for just this. It's poly fill and waffle rice thermal lining keep you toasty while the jersey fabric keeps you stylish. It also has a two-way zipper which allows for you to wear it in a variety of fashions.

Timberland Bear Head Packable Down Vest

If you’re the type that likes to enjoy nature during the fall than you’re no stranger to the functional item known as a down vest. Having a down vest that folds into it’s own pocket would make it even more of an essential on your next camping trip. Well, thanks to Timberland, you can do just that. The Bear Head down vest is 100% nylon stuffed with goose down, packing form and function into its own pocket.

Bonobos The Shirt Jacket

Is it a shirt, is it a jacket? It's a Shirt Jacket, from Bonobos. With a nylon outer keeps the elements away while the cotton hybrid core keeps you warm. The Shirt Jacket is light enough to wear with ease, but provides the protective versatility required for the unpredictable fall weather.