How to Cuff Denim

It seems that everyone is cuffing their denim these days. But it’s not a new trend at all. Cuffs originated with workers, miners, railroaders that were buying raw denim in the 1800’s. The jeans then were not pre-shrunk so they had to buy them larger as they would shrink when they were washed. Pre-shrunk denim didn’t come along until the 1960’s.

The Single Cuff

This one is easy. Just turn it up and go. Customize this one with how dramatic you want the single cuff to be. You can really make a statement with 2-3 inches or keep it simple with a 1 inch turn up. It’s all about where you want the bottom of your denim to be. A large single cuff works with boots. Try a smaller single with a boat shoe.

The Double Cuff

The double has two versions really: The large double and the skinny double. Roll it up once and then a second time. Going big with a 3-4 inch works well with high end raw denim that often comes one length. Skinny simple looks great with a canvas sneaker. Pretty simple, but a little more dramatic than the single cuff as it hides the hem. Just smooth out the edges with your fingers and you’re good to go.

Pinroll Cuff

This one is a throwback to the 1990’s but we’re seeing it a lot more these days. You need some serious fashion swag to pull this one off. Not to mention the right shoes. Works well with oxfords or brogues and no socks. Step one is to pinch and fold over some of the fabric and then roll it twice.

Crew Roll

This is the way that J. Crew rolls many of their shirt sleeves for photos but we dig them on denim as well. This one is a tad more complicated. Start with one large roll and then cuff the bottom of that roll up just shy of the hem exposing it rather than cuffing it in over itself.


written for Cliff Original by Jeremy Lahman