Rockwell Safety Razors

Confession time. I shave. That’s right, I take a few swipes on my cheeks to line up my beard and the same on the neckline below my beard. But for the rest of you that enjoy a great shave, check out the Rockwell 6S safety razor.

I recently picked up my first safety razor from Rockwell Razors and absolutely fell in love with it. Rockwell is a newer company that began with Kickstarter in 2014. In a short amount of time they have amassed quite a following and have re-engineered their initial offering a few times to refine their product into the ultimate modern gentleman’s razor.

Safety razors were the gold standard of shaving until the mid 1900’s when companies realized that they could make more money selling disposable cartridges. Subsequently safety razors disappeared. With the popularity of the gentleman’s barber bigger than ever, more men are experimenting with safety razors and straight razors. And enjoying it.

Fully adjustable

The Rockwell 6S ($99) is made of beautiful matte stainless steel and my favorite feature is the adjustability. The Rockwell comes with three flippable plates that hold the razor for a total of six levels of blade gap for shave closeness. The different sizes represent slight adjustments in the angle and gap between the blade and the razor from .38mm up to 1.12mm. Use plate #1 for fine hair, short stubble, or sensitive skin. Use plate #6 for coarse, curly, long stubble or rugged skin.

Rockwell Razor

Why a safety razor?

The Rockwell 6S uses affordable, comfortable, and recyclable double-edge razor blades. It’s compatible with all blades but they recommend their own exceptionally sharp Rockwell Double-Edge Blades made of Swedish Stainless Steel. A 5-pack is .99 cents and the 100 blade pack, which they call a two-year supply is $10. Ten dollars people! It’s my estimation that if you have a beard and are only shaving small areas, the blades should last even longer.

A typical cartridge razor costs $15-20 and a pack of cartridges costs anywhere from $15-30. Rockwell estimates other cartridge razors costing about $200 a year. The Rockwell 6S really just has the initial investment in the razor, but you don’t need me to do the math for you after that. In addition, it will make a great heirloom to pass on eventually.

Fashion and Function

The Rockwell has a knurled grip for better hold and control. It has a fantastic weight and balance to it as well. I ended up enjoying the entire shaving process more than I ever had in the past. It was a calming experience and I felt connected to my forefathers that would have shaved with a safety razor every day.

Rockwell Razors


Consider picking up the Stainless Steel Stand ($24.99) to hold up the razor. It’s designed to perfectly fit the Rockwell 6S and has matching finish.

The Blade Safe ($1.99) is a responsible solution for disposing of your double-edge razors. Just throw the whole thing away when it’s full and you don’t have to worry about them cutting your trash bags or worse, a hand.

You also may want to grab the Razor Sheath ($4.99) if you are planning on traveling with the Rockwell or just want it to keep it covered at home (especially if you have kids). The sheath is available in black and grey.

Watch for their new razor, the Model T, available on Indiegogo right now. The Model T features a twist dial for adjustability. A great shave is a necessity, not a luxury. And once you move away from cartridge razors you’ll never go back. Upgrade your shave with the Rockwell 6S; a cut above the rest.

written for Cliff Original by Jeremy Lahman

featured image from Dark Bulb via Damn Fine Shave